Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's a small world. In a small gallery. Objects, Furniture, and Patterns at Art Since the Summer of 69 gallery

Last summer I went over to Steve Keister and Jill Levine's house for coffee and visiting and picture taking of their home. We ate doughnuts and coffee served in Steve's ceramics on a Mary Heilmann table, which is also filled with art of their own, and of their friends, as well as some Anasazi pot shards from their recent new mexico trip..........
and yes, I made a painting of this.
and yes, you can go see it in person in this group show.
Installed on a Mary Heilmann table, near Steve's sculpture (you can buy his cups at the show!), looking up at Amy Yao's wallpaper and clock, Josh Blackwell's curtain (the painting I made of his room is also in the exhibition).
run don't walk - 195 Chrystie street, 3rd floor. Gallery hours: Thursday - Sunday 1 - 6pm.